Lancaster Bible College's "Biblical Enrichment Institute"
Graduation 2015

On May 8, 2015, three of our Cross Roads Bible Institute (CRBI) students -- Ruth Erickson, Mary Winters, and Earl Winters -- graduated with the highest honors from Lancaster Bible College's "Biblical Enrichment Institute" (which is in partnership with CRBI). Graduation ceremonies for the entire college and all degreed programs were conducted Lancaster, PA. 


The three students earned the "Advanced Continuing Education Certificate," having earned the requisite 21-CEU's (Continuing Education Units) for over 21 distinct courses.


Rev. Erickson commented: "We honor Ruth, Mary, and Earl for their accomplishment.  In this graduation, we have vivid examples of faithfulness to adult learning and growth, in the midst of a very important 'season of life.'   Yet, for over 10+ years, they have demonstrated a love of learning and serving God, their church, and community.  They are an example to everyone!"