Lancaster Bible College's "Biblical Enrichment Institute"
Graduation 2015

On May 8, 2015, three of our Cross Roads Bible Institute (CRBI) students -- Ruth Erickson, Mary Winters, and Earl Winters -- graduated with the highest honors from Lancaster Bible College's "Biblical Enrichment Institute" (which is in partnership with CRBI). Graduation ceremonies for the entire college and all degreed programs were conducted Lancaster, PA. 


The three students earned the "Advanced Continuing Education Certificate," having earned the requisite 21-CEU's (Continuing Education Units) for over 21 distinct courses.


Rev. Erickson commented: "We honor Ruth, Mary, and Earl for their accomplishment.  In this graduation, we have vivid examples of faithfulness to adult learning and growth, in the midst of a very important 'season of life.'   Yet, for over 10+ years, they have demonstrated a love of learning and serving God, their church, and community.  They are an example to everyone!"

The "Cross Roads Bible Institute" (CRBI) conducted its first commencement exercises on Sunday evening, June 8, 2014.

Front Row: Ruth Erickson, Michelle Nelms, Mary Winters. 
Second row: F. Earline Stancell, Judy Wheeler, Steve Wheeler, Earl Winters. 
Back Row: Rev. Jeff Hartman, Dr. Bob Condict, Rev. Michael Erickson (Director), and Rev. Brock Mawdesley.
Those not in attendance were Victor and Cathy Butanis, and Sandi McGrail (who were traveling)

Certificates were handed to the graduates by Rev. Michael E. Erickson, the Director of the Institute, and Dr. Robert A. Condict, Institute Dean and Senior Pastor of the Upper Cross Roads Baptist Church.  Rev. Jeffrey Hartman, Senior Pastor of Perry Hall Baptist Church, gave the "Closing Charge."
As Rev. Erickson explains, "This is our first (1st) commencement.  We officially started in 2009, and today, over 24 different courses have been conducted.  God has blessed us; we have a satellite location, at Perry Hall Baptist Church, and we are in partnership with Lancaster Bible College's "Biblical Enrichment Program," whereby dual credit is given for both programs, and credit applied towards a degree at Lancaster Bible College. We are excited that over 180+ student-Continuing Education Units have been earned, across 24 different classes.  We are excited about what God has done and is doing."

Rev. Erickson further notes, "The mission of the Cross Roads Bible Institute is to glorify God, serve Harford County, and equip individuals for ministry as godly, servant-leaders in their respective local churches or ministries.  This is accomplished through formal instruction in the Scriptures and theological doctrines, along with practical training-encouragement in ministry skills.  Most churches and Sunday services are simply constrained in time and limited in depth-theological discussion, etc.  Moreover, seminaries and Bible colleges are far away and/or expensive.  The goal of the CRBI is make theology and Bible training within reach and accessible to all."

Ten graduates received a total of 13 certificates, as follows:
Six (6) Continuing Educational Units Certificates:

Cathy Butanis
Victor K. Butanis
Ruth E. Erickson
Sandra McGrail
Michelle Nelms

F. Earline Stancell
Judy Wheeler
Steve Wheeler
Earl Winters
Mary Winters

Twelve (12) Continuing Educational Units Certificates:

Ruth E. Erickson
Earl Winters
Mary Winters

  • The CRBI started in 2009. 

  • Since then, over 24 Different Classes have been conducted.  

  • We have a Satellite location -- Perry Hall Baptist Church. 

  • We are in partnership with Lancaster Bible College's "Biblical Enrichment Program," whereby dual credit is given for both programs and credit is applied for college credit at Lancaster Bible College. 

  • We have had over 180+ student-Continuing Education Units earned, across 24 different classes. 

  • We are excited about what God has done and is doing.

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